Production Team

Oscar Gonzalez – Executive Producer / Creator / Co-Writer
Oscar F. Gonzalez was born on June 14, 1983, in Chile, traveling extensively with his family after his conversion and calling. Today, Oscar and his family are pastors in the Iglesias Buenas Nuevas in the city of Memphis, TN.

Oscar has a master’s in Marketing [Euncent Business School of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (2018)], and specializations in Neuromarketing and Sales Management [University of California-Irvine Extension (2017)], and Management Skill [School of Business – The George Washington University (2019)].

Oscar earned his Master of Arts [Dallas Theological Seminary (2021)] and a Certificate in Pastoral Care from ACPE – (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education), and is a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC) [American Association of Christian counselors (AACC)], and is founder of “En su misión ministry”

in front of Kappa Studios in Burbank

Ruben Gary Martinez Producer / Co-Writer / Actor (Aquila)

When Ruben was first presented with co-writing and producing Paul, The Last Apostle, it seemed a bit daunting at the time. He met Oscar on the set of Philemon. This is where Oscar proposed making a film about Paul. Intriguing as this project seemed to be, he decided to start researching more about the stories of Paul including all of the characters surrounding him. He was really drawn into the backstories of Paul’s compatriots and friends.

“I love Biblical stories, but I also love for non-Christians to know about them as well.” He sought to make this film relevant to everyone, not just the churchgoer. “I would like for viewers to see themselves in the story.” Paul is a very interesting character. As Saul, he was there admonishing the new believers to denounce their faith or they would pay with their lives. After he converted, Paul encouraged the non-believers to trust in Christ so they would have a new life no matter the cost.

Paul, The Last Apostle is a pilot that has inspired him to go back to the beginning of Acts. He has recently announced that his next project is tentatively titled, “The Acts Project”. This new series will set the stage for Paul and will also introduce all of the relevant backstories of the other disciples and followers of Christ who are found in the book of Acts.

Ruthie Grumbine – Director
Ruthie’s love for filmmaking started as early as 8th grade. She fell in love with the craft and went to Liberty University to study film in depth, eventually graduating in 2020 with a B.S. in cinematic arts. She’s worked primarily in the camera department on numerous features and TV shows such as Pureflix’s An Unlikely Angel and Apple TV’s Swagger.

Paul: The Last Apostle will be her directorial debut post college and is looking forward to creating a faith-based show that implements dramatic elements while taking care to maintain biblical accuracy.

Christian Kraemer – Assoc. Producer / Assist. Director
Christian has experience in film, working on productions like The Chosen, It’s Christmas Again, and Creed 3. His passion for filmmaking started when he made short films with his friends and recorded school plays.

Now Christian works on professional productions and has done everything from feature films to documentaries. He will graduate from Tarleton State University this year with a bachelors-in-business. Christian is excited to be 1st Assistant Director for Paul: The Last Apostle having AD experience on productions like The Great Turkey Town Miracle and Preston Plays.