Join the Team

This project is truly a labor of love, and wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our writers, producers, film crew, cast and a myriad of family and friends who came together to give of themselves, supporting the vision and providing the substance.

We have been so grateful to our Executive Producer, Oscar Gonzalez, En Su Misión Ministry, our producer, Ruben Martinez, our set location managers at Capernaum Studios, our post-production partners at Kappa Studios, and to our generous benefactors who lovingly provide funding, encouragement and prayers.

How might you be involved?

Please pray for us as God has multiplied this pilot. There are now two projects. The first project is The Acts Project which will go back to the beginning of Acts to tell the full story of Saul/Paul as well as the other apostles and characters from Acts. Ruben Martinez will be spearheading this series. The second project, Paul, The Last Apostle the series will continue where the pilot episode left off. En Su Mision will continue with this series.

Praise God! The pilot episode has now paid off our Kappa Studios invoice and can now show the finalized version that Ruthie Grumbine and Ruben Martinez worked on. It’s our joy to show you our completed work. Thank you so much to all who contributed.

Donate to create the next series

The Acts Project will be taking donations and will be opening an investment period soon. Stay tuned to this page for more information.