Paul’s remarkable story is repeated every day as sinful and broken people throughout the world are transformed by God’s saving grace in Christ Jesus.

That’s exactly what we want to capture in this series, because there are many today who need to hear and see how God’s love can change their lives, just as it did with Paul.

In this series, we want to focus on Paul’s return to Jerusalem, starting from chapter 17 of the book of Acts onwards. We want to give him the whole Biblical context of those times and show the difficulties that the Apostle and his collaborators lived through to make known the Good News.

We believe that the Bible is infallible, inerrant and inspired by God. Just as I know as I have preached faithfully, we also believe that we can make a biblical series attached to His Word, so that we can understand more clearly our purpose as a church in the world.

Filming took place in January 2023 at Capernaum Studios. This is the same location where seasons one through three of The Chosen were filmed. We were graciously granted the opportunity to film alongside our crew and through our non-profit organization, En Su Misión Ministry.

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